Tania Guizandi


Tania Guizandi-Lopez is an international well-versed and seasoned fashion designer and dressmaker who combines old-world elegance with the sensuality and glamour of our modern world in her designs. Her designs are diverse and inspiring to all who have seen and wore them.

Born in Santiago de Cuba, she commenced her fashion career following completion of a Design and Dressmaking education in her native country. She came to the United States in 1994 and settled in Miami, Florida, a place that perfecting her skills through her exposure to and development of different experiences in the fashion world where in she learned first-hand, the art of haute couture. She opened her fashion design store business and dressmaking workshop in 2001, focusing in South Florida’s haute couture industry segment. During this time, her designs were sought by international television producers who saw them as desired for the embellishment of their productions. Her designs evolve from and are based on personal inspirations combined with her experience in the fashion design world.

Casa Glamour by Guizandi is her present project where in she offers diverse designs, styles and sizes for all special occasions. Casa Glamour caters to the “woman in you”. Her collections provide women the many options that their lifestyles and preferences demand. Casa Glamour’s collections reflect the quality and detail Guizandi demands of them as well as unique creations in fashion runways of the world.