Yoly Muñoz


For over three decades, Yoly Muñoz has captured the spirit and form of the modern woman, the one-of-a-kind customer that would like to feel unique for a special occasion with the perfect gown.

“My clothes enhance a woman’s figure and diminish imperfections. They are created for a woman to be noticed – not for the dress to receive all the attention.” – Yoly Muñoz

Every collection by Yoly Muñoz Couture is entrancing. It combines simple silhouettes, fabulous hand beaded embellishments and luxurious fabrics.  They are always subtly sexy, enchantingly feminine and glamorous.  These are gowns that create their own magic.

Her glamorous and exquisite designs eventually made their way to the Miami area to grace runways, boutiques and feminine forms everywhere with her gift of the ultimate haute couture gown.

Yoly Muñoz Couture is featured in specialty stores nationwide.  Not only has she been recognized in publications such as Women’s Wear Daily, Florida International Magazine, Vogue and Bazaar, but has also been presented with the honor to design for clients such as Marla & Tiffany Trump, Aretha Franklin and the Saudi Arabian Royal family among many other celebrities.

A Yoly Muñoz gown is not just another gown; it is a timepiece to cherish forever.