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Ana Joli

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Ana Joli is originally from the Dominican Republic where she lived until her late teens when the family relocated to Miami Florida. During the almost two decades she lived in the USA she started her career in the financial industry, started a family, learned not only English but also Italian and Portuguese and completed a bachelor’s in psychology and an MBA in Global Business. Her 20s and 30s were definitely busy!

Ana learned to crochet in elementary school. Her love for creating garments started with the little segments of fabric flying in the hot Dominican air with the sun blasting the perfect background for her dad’s tailor shop beautifully called “Casa Benito”, a name as real as the location, right in the front room of their house.

She vividly remembers looking up and seeing her dad making suits “patrones” in the big and high cutting table. She wondered if it was indeed that big or simply, she was too small. His measuring tape elegantly hanging on his neck and a couple of safety pins safely held on his lips.

The sound of the Singer sewing machines almost synchronized in the “run run run” sound of what once was a roll of fabric and now seem to purposely compose a garment sonata that will stay in her head and her heart for years to come.

Ana loves the tailor shop when it was open and even more when it was closed, and it transformed into a playground for she and her sisters with endless unwrapped toys fruit of their imagination.

England and its cloudy cozy days has been the perfect cradle to nurture Ana’s love for crocheting. She is elated to bring her collection of handmade English winter garments to Fashion Night on Brickell.

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