Francisco Rodriguez

Fashion Designer
Francisco Rodriguez

Francisco Rodriguez

Fashion Designer
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Chacabanas Faraón

Fashion Designer Francisco Rodriguez, better known as Faraón, is an outstanding graduate of the Mercy Jacquez Higher Institute, which during his professional career was worthy of recognition such as the national youth award and the award for the most outstanding industrial designer of the end of the century.

Francisco has been an Advisor to the Group of Business Designers of the Dominican Republic and a Fashion Design Consultant for the United Nations Development Program.

Currently, in addition to being President of the Association of Artisans of the Chacabanas of the Dominican Republic, he is the Secretary of Organization of the Association of Dominican Designers and as President of the company LAURENTH INDUSTRIAL, SRL, a fashion house with national and international incidence. in masculine and feminine haute couture, as well as in the design and manufacture of business uniforms. From the latter, Chacabanas Faraón emerges, an exclusive line of Chacabanas that has managed to conquer the local and foreign markets.

The national and international experience of this designer positions him as the most complete in his career, capable of carrying out, with his own hands, the design, pattern and manufacture of any article of clothing, from a wedding dress, with subtlety and romanticism that it represents, even making jeans (industrial production) or making industrial patterns for the Chinese industry.

Specialized in the design and manufacture of suits for men and Chacabanas for men and women, FARAON has participated in renowned fashion events such as Dominicana Moda, RD Fashion Week, Vest International and Chacabana Forever, managing to cross borders and exhibit its products in Canada and the United States.

Likewise, in his capacity as president of the Association of Artisans of Chacabanas of the Dominican Republic (ACHADOM), Faraón participated in the SOURCE AT MAGIC 2016 fair, considered the most important fashion event held worldwide in February and August of each year at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

In order to obtain the tools required for better business management, Faraón completed the “SME Management” Diploma, offered by the CEI-RD, acquiring knowledge about market techniques, business opportunities and strategies, management and administration of business, occupational hazards and project management and development.

His entrepreneurial spirit and his passion for haute couture have led him to visit the main fabric and button factories, located in the cities of Rome and Milan, in Italy; Bogota and Cartago, in Colombia; New York and Miami, in the United States; in search of better options of inputs and materials that guarantee the elaboration of a quality product, according to the demands of the market.

Presentations by Francisco Rodriguez