Special Guest

2020 Fashion Night on Brickell Event Special Guest
Rush Bowles

Rush Bowles

Originally from Miami, Florida, Rush Bowles started off his career unlike most artist, by overcoming a medical emergency that could have resulted in complete blindness. The fearful intensity of going blind was over whelming, but Rush stepped into his imagination and began creating for hours a day. “If I was going to go blind, then I was going to create the most vibrantly colorful and exciting things I could. Being creative was the only way I could get my mind off things and soon, what was an escape had become my cure.”

Fortunately, Rush didn’t lose his eyesight, but gained a new vision of the future that would lead him to Florence, Italy. Immersed in unparalleled art and architecture, the city’s influence on Rush’s unique artistic style would be incredible. “The great masters were obsessed with details and thought
about every inch of every church, painting and sculpture, so I began to do the same. Quickly, I created with greater complexity and thoughtfulness. My style became more rhythmic and fluid, the colors more dynamic and exciting.” Having fine-tuned his craft and focused his vision, Rush returned home to crave out a name for himself in one of the hottest spots in the art world.

Finding inspiration in the tropical colors of Miami and it’s one of a kind wild life, Rush’s works of art come to life in a beautifully unique way. “I want my work to grab the viewer’s attention and make them excited. I want people to feel inspired.” Rush has won acclaim from Miami Dade County Transit, Costal Conservation Association, Wynwood Life’s top emerging artist and just recently, the cover of the Miami Herald with his coral chair for the Miami Marine Stadium.