Ingrid Tejeda

Ingrid Tejeda

Ingrid Tejada is a fashionista and designer who has been working in the fashion industry since 1985. She is also a communicator, educator, blogger, and announcer.

Ana Ulloa

Ana Isabel Ulloa graduated from the Mercy Jaquez Higher Institute as a fashion designer and also holds a Bachelor of Accounting degree. She is a retired Police Brigadier General and a native of Imbert, Puerto Plata.

Martha De Royet

Martha de Royet is a renowned Colombian fashion designer whose brand is synonymous with a deep appreciation for nature, creativity, and innovation in fashion.

Glorivy Cailly

Glorivy Cailly is a French Dominican fashion designer renowned for her innate artisan skills and her passion for creating unique pieces. A graduate of the Mercy Jacques Higher Technical Institute and the Altos de Chavón design school, Glorivy has an extensive background in fashion.

Benito Antonio

Benito Antonio graduated from the Mercy Jaquez Higher Technical Institute in 2004 where he is currently a professor of design, fashion illustration, and haute couture.

Betzabe Pujaico

Betzabe Pujaico, a fashion designer born in Lima, Peru, discovered her passion for fashion while studying Systems Engineering in Venezuela. Peru and Venezuela are very important to Betzabe, and it shows in her designs.

Ybe Fashion Designer

Ysbelia Sanchez is a Dominican fashion designer who graduated from the Fashion School of the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo. She is a lover of nature and is inspired by the beauty of flowers, particularly their colors.

Isabel Lopez

Isabel Original International is the couture brand of award winning designer Isabel Lopez. Isabel got her start at a young age in her native Colombia, then immigrating to the USA. Her designs have graced red carpets around the world and runways of Boston and New York Fashion Week.

Ana Joli

Originally from the Dominican Republic, Ana Joli is elated to bring her collection of handmade English winter garments to Fashion Night on Brickell.


Francisco Rodriguez, also known as Faraón, is a fashion designer with national and international recognition for his expertise in haute couture and craftsmanship.